Mechanical Reversible MB Plough

Pioneer in the agro-industry, Shakti Agro Technology manufactures and supplies top-quality mechanical reversible M.b plough all around the world. Based in Gujarat, India
And equipped with highly advanced technology, we develop superior quality reversible mechanical ploughs that make the farming process easy.

Our cutting-edge reversible mechanical plough is designed for cultivating all types of soils. The strong construction of our mechanical plough makes it a more reliable, long-lasting, and efficient solution for farming.

Designed for the preparation of infertile hard and soft-soil conditions, the reversible plough’s simple functioning and sturdy design give an excellent performance in primary tillage operations.

Different types of mechanical reversible M.b. plough

Salient Features

of Mechanical Reversible MB Plough

Hydraulic Turnover Mechanism

Overload Security & Safety

Strong Turnover Shaft

Less Load To Tractors

Robust Construction

Good Fuel Efficiency

Easy Maintainance

Easy Adjustment

Uses of Mechanical Reversible MB Plough
  • Ploughing
  • Primary Tillage Operations
  • Cutting And Squashing Trash Completely Under The Soil
  • Turning And Mixing Compost, Farmyard Waste, And Other Fertilizers Into The Soil
  • Soil Functions Such As Soil Raising, Soil Inversion, And Soil Breaking
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Technical Specifications

of Mechanical Reversible MB Plough

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