Trishul 4 has a sturdy structure with hardened steel blades. It serves a crucial role in various farming operations and provides efficient performance in the tough ploughing process and soil conditions. It is widely used for soil preparation, ploughing, and primary tillage operations. Farmers well recognize the Trishul 4 model due to its advanced mechanism, higher efficiency, and trouble-free performance.

Hydraulic Turnover Mechanism Highly Efficient Less Maintenance
Sturdy Structure Low Fuel Consumption
Description Trishul
Number of Furrow 02-03-04
Tyne 30 MM
Mold Board (34 X 14) X 10 mm
Main Shafting 85 MM
Head Stock Bearing 32215 (F) / 33017 (R)
Plough Share (16 X 6) Inch X 12 mm
Bar Point 30 X 1 X 1.5
Distance between Furrow 10/12/14 Inch
Tillage Width (Inch) 20/24/28
Depth of Cut (Max. Inch) 12-20
Overall Height (MM/Inch) 48 Inch
Overall Width 46 Inch
Overall Length 68 Inch
(K.G/ Lbs. Approx.)
Rutnover Mechanism Mechanical
Tractor Power (HP) Above 40 HP
Soil Type Soft- Medium - Hard